Basics of Parent Functions Part 1

Basics of Parent Functions Part 1

Author: Ellen Piekarski

In this lesson, we will go over several different parent functions, what their table and graphs look like; and how to annotate their domain and range.

MAKE SURE YOU FILL OUT THE NOTES THAT GO WITH THIS LESSON! - THOSE WHO HAVE IT DONE, WILL HAVE SOME FUN TOMORROW. (Any students who don't work through this lesson will have several worksheets to do.)

We will be using these pages of notes several times as we work through Unit 1.

Additionally, you will want to keep the completed notes in your composition notebook for a reference. If you loose it, then you can always come back here and fill it out again! You will want to have this as you work on your final project in May.

You will fill out the rest of the information about these parent functions in lesson 2

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Parent Function Checklist Notes

Notes you received in class. If you misplaced your copy, then print it up and fill it out as you work through this lesson. You will need to cut out the graphs on the last 3 pages and tape them on top of the corresponding functions.

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Basic Algebra Notes

You received these in class. You do not need to print this up if you left your notes at school. For this lesson you really only need the last page which goes through set and interval notation for domain and range. You probably could just read over it before you start the tutorial and then refer back to it as needed.

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Parent Functions 1

This video goes over several aspects of parent functions: type, formula, graph, table, domain and range.

Source: Created by Ellen Piekarski