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Basketball Zone Defense

Basketball Zone Defense

Author: Kaleb Curnow

To explain the 3-2 zone defense and when to use it and not to use it.

The 3-2 zone defense is used when you are playing a team who has strong perimeter shooters, weaker post game, and who are slower to push the fast break.

The 3-2 zone should not be used if the team you are playing has a strong post presence or if they are beating you at the high post. 

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How to Play a 2-3 Defense

This video explains the basics of running a 3-2 zone defense.


Why Play a 3-2 Zone?

Many people say that nothing beats a man-to-man defense, other say 2-3 zone is the way to go. Why not? Syracuse plays 2-3 and they are a solid team who always has a winning record. I would take their defense any day, but not before I would play the 3-2. A solid 3-2 defense allows minimum shot attempts from the three point line, puts up a strong post presence, and is easy to shift around for what you need. 


This link show how ball movement by the offense determines the shifting that the defense must make to best defend the basket. 

Positive Aspects

What does the 3-2 zone do well?

          - Protects the three point line

          - Defends against perimeter attacks (shots and drives)

          - Strong post presence around blocks


Negative Aspects

So what does the 3-2 zone not do so well?

          - Defend the free throw line/high post area

          - Defend the baseline