BBA 3301 Unit V Assignment

BBA 3301 Unit V Assignment

Author: Minnie Fisher


BBA 3301 Unit V AssignmentInstructions: Enter all answers directly in this worksheet. When you are finished, select Save As, andsave this document using your last name and student ID as the file name. Upload the data sheet toBlackboard as a .doc, .docx or .rtf file when you are finished.Question 1. (30 points total) Use this balance sheet and income statement from Carver Enterprises tocomplete parts a and b:a. (15 points) Prepare a common size balance sheet for Carver Enterprises. Complete the commonsize balance sheet: (Round to one decimal place.)Common−Size Balance SheetCash and marketable securitiesAccounts receivableInventoriesCurrent assetsNet property plant and equipmentTotal assetsAccounts payableShort−term debt$$$$20134905,9909,55016,03017,03033,0607,2206,800%%%% BBA 3301 Unit V AssignmentCurrent liabilities$Long−term liabilitiesTotal liabilities$Total owners’ equityTotal liabilities and owners’ equity $14,0207,01021,03012,03033,060%%%b. (15 points) Prepare a common-size income statement for Carver Enterprises. Complete thecommon-size income statement: (Round to one decimal place.)Common−Size Income StatementRevenuesCost of goods soldGross profitOperating expensesNet operating incomeInterest expenseEarnings before taxesTaxesNet income2013$ 30,020(19,950)$ 10,070(7,960)$ 2,110(940)$ 1,170(425)$ 745%%%%%Question 2. (10 points total) Use this data table of Campbell Industries liabilities and owners' equity tocomplete parts a and b.a. (5 points) What percentage of the firm's assets does the firm finance using debt (liabilities)?(Round to one decimal place.)b.(5points) If Campbell were to purchase a new warehouse for $1.3 million and finance it entirely withlong-term debt, what would be the firm's new debt ratio? (Round to one decimal place.)Question 3. (10 points total) (Liquidity analysis) Airspot Motors, Inc. has $2,433,200 in current assetsand $869,000 in current liabilities. 

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