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Before You Continue...

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Before You Continue....

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Congrats on Starting Your Behavior Technician Training!

Pursuing the RBT or BCAT

If you are thinking you will be pursuing the RBT and or BCAT (or both), here are the things you will need:

  • Complete 40-Hr Training (like this course!) aligned to their task list
  • 18 Years of Age
  • Pass Background Check
  • Complete Competency Assessment (with a BCBA supervisor)
  • High School Diploma (Transcript)
  • Pass the exam!

  • For more info: Registered Behavior Technician Handbook
    For BCAT
  • Complete 40-Hr Training (like this course!) aligned to the BCAT exam content outline
  • Pass Background Check
  • Supervised Experience
  • High School Diploma (Transcript)
  • Pass the exam!

  • For more info: Board Certified Autism Technician Candidate Handbook

    What Should You Do Now?

    Now that you have finished Unit 1 and have decided that you would like to continue with this process, here are your next steps:

    • Request your transcripts. Sometimes tracking down transcripts can take some time. We highly recommend you request those now. This way by the time you are done with this course you will be ready to go! Start by contacting the high school(s) you attended.
    • Complete the Unit 1 Milestone. Take the unit test to assess your knowledge of the content from this first unit.
    • Continue onto Unit 2! You will receive more information and guidance in the final unit of this course.