Beginners Photoshop: Exploring the Tool Bar (Part 1)

Beginners Photoshop: Exploring the Tool Bar (Part 1)


During this lesson, we will be exploring some of the basic tools in the tool bar to help when editing your digital photographs.  I will be demonstrating some basic tools of editing and it is up to you how you combine these tools to create a well balanced photograph.

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Demonstration of the Photoshop Tools

Photoshop: Getting to Know the Tools (Part 1)

Descriptions of some basic Photoshop tools in the tool bar.

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Photoshop Tools Assignment

Let's test your knowledge about the basic tools of Photoshop. Complete the assignment listed.

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Before and After Photograph

Here is a before and after preview of the same photograph used in the demonstration. I used all the same tools I explained in the video plus a few more to create the final After photograph. Editing becomes second nature by practice, knowledge, and using the right tools!

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