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Beginning Your Design Project

Beginning Your Design Project


Understand how to choose a focus for your Design Project.

Understand some of the possible types of Design available to you.

This is a preparatory material specific to South Australian Year 11 Design curriculum.

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Beginning the year 11 Design Project

This slideshow gives you some information about starting your Design Project. It includes the types of design you might choose, some examples, and some tips on brainstorming.

Useful Links

SACE Art Show Gallery - (mind-map creator) -

Pinterest Design Board  - this is good for inspiring ideas and seeing what people can do. It has loads of interesting designs. You can also search a certain type of design on Pinterest. I believe this website does not work at school, but it should function fine at home.


Designs for inspiration

Interior and building design -

Various design types (product and graphic mostly) -

Graphic design -

Product design -

General design blog -