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Being Academically Honest & Avoiding Plagiarism

Being Academically Honest & Avoiding Plagiarism

Author: Linda Vann, PhD

The purpose of this tutorial is college-readiness for high school or adult learners seeking a basic understanding of academic honesty and plagiarism. This tutorial could be offered as part of a flipped classroom; where slides would be viewed outside the classroom, and peer activity/collaboration would take place in the classroom.

Upon completion of this tutorial you should be able to:

  • Define academic honesty
  • Define plagiarism
  • Explain how to become  academically honest
  • Explain how to avoid plagiarism

After learning the basics of how you can become academically honest and avoid plagiarism, make efforts to improve your academic skills in order to write, participate and collaborate with the highest level of academic integrity.

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Welcome to Being Academically Honest and Avoiding Plagiarism

Source: Linda S. Vann Quicktime Audio Recording

Being Academically Honest and Avoiding Plagiarism

Take-home slides portion of this flipped classroom tutorial.

Source: Keynote presentation exported to PowerPoint

Closing Remarks

Source: Linda S. Vann Quicktime Audio Recording

What is Academic Integrity?

This is a short video presentation on YouTube offering explanations of academic integrity from the perspectives of students from Northern Arizona University.

Source: YouTube