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Belief Systems and Assumptions

Belief Systems and Assumptions

Author: Craig Coletta

At the end of this tutorial, the learner will understand that people's experiences lead them to make assumptions about how the world "is" (beliefs) and organize these assumptions into systems

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Notes on "Belief Systems and Assumptions"


(00:00-01:42) Key Terms Definitions

(01:43-02:40) Formation of Beliefs

(02:41- 03:50) Beliefs Model the World

(03:51-04:40) Events Are Evaluated Through Beliefs

(04:41-09:33) Conflict, Belief, and Belief Change

Terms to Know

An expectation formed from a person's beliefs.


A person's mental sense of what is true or right/correct in a situation.

Belief System

A combination of belief that becomes a model for an aspect of a person's world.