Best Hoop Glider Challenge

Best Hoop Glider Challenge

Author: Jason Fritz

Question: Using Specific Materials How Can I Make My Airplane Fly the Farthest?

REMEMBER: there is no PERFECT design... keep testing and evaluating to find the best design possible!

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Best Hoop Glider Lab Sheet

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Source: MrFritzScience

The Incredible Hoop Glider Directions

Your challenge: Turn a plastic straw and 2 paper hoops into a flying machine. Then add more hoops or change their sizes. Experiment with this glider for a hands-on demonstration of "drag."

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Source: Science Bob

Best Airplane Vocabulary List

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Straw Hoop Plane Demonstration

How can you make two paper hoops fly?

Source: Library Lab

How to Make a Straw Plane | Easy Crafts for kids.

These airplanes are so easy and fun to make!
-Orange Cardboard
-Paper Straw
-Sticky Tape

Source: Room to Grow: Craft Activities for Kids

How To Make A Hoop Glider

The Incredible Hoop Glider!
Hoop gliders are pretty cool cause they look like they shouldn’t really be able to fly as well as they do.

Source: HooplaKidzLab

DIY Hoop Glider

Source: CrazyRussianHacker