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Best Online Tools For Students

Best Online Tools For Students

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When new knowledge emerges in non-stop mode, you need to be careful when looking for the resources you use to train. You do not want the story of being told at work to "forget everything you were taught at university" becomes a reality.

So we want to share with you a selection of our top 10 useful training sites. They will help you to prepare for seminars, research new trends in science, and just to stay up to date.

1. Сoursera
 is one of the most popular online education sites. Almost all students use this resource. Not only individual lectures are presented here, but full courses from leading higher education institutions from all over the world. For example, for marketers, there is a marketing strategy, digital analytics in marketing, and SMM that can be particularly helpful to you. It is very easy to study on this platform, as each course contains video lectures with subtitles, text summaries, as well as the opportunity to test yourself with the help of tests and final exams.

2. Edx
is another platform with online courses in various fields of expertise. There is also free access to the lectures and all the materials thereafter. You can study at Edx when preparing for the English language exam - IELTS. The platform has a wonderful course "IELTS Academic Test Preparation", after which you will receive a high score. Therefore, we advise anyone who plans to take international English exams (the site also has TOEFL material), to pay attention to the resource, as this is a real opportunity to receive free thorough training.

3. Udemy
is a resource where you can find quality paid content to study a variety of disciplines. Compared to Coursera, its courses are less academic but useful enough for skills development, as lectures are read by practitioners and professionals in their field. You can learn how to write essays and will be advised to use top online services like the one you can find at essay writing reviews. The amount of material is huge, and sometimes it is difficult to make a choice because you want everything at once. But you need to be as disciplined as possible to study the subject to the end since there are no clear deadlines or training schedule.

4. TED
- there is probably no student who has never heard of the best TED conferences. This is one of the students' favorite resources where in just 15-20 minutes, you can find out about some interesting discovery or unique modern idea. Experts in the fields of education, business, science, technology, and psychology tell about their achievements and results of work. Exciting lectures help you learn the language you want and find interesting ideas for your work and studies.

5. Khan Academy
is one of the most famous educational projects. The lectures are compiled in a YouTube video format. This is not just a combination of individual courses from teachers, but all the core subjects from both school and university programs. For students, the resource will be a great addition to your first-year micro and macro studies. The format of the video lectures with a detailed explanation of the material helps to understand all the difficult moments and to pass the exams with distinction.

6. FutureLearn
is another online platform that offers courses from leading UK and world universities for free. You would like that the site contains interesting thematic courses, which are divided into categories with the possibility of choosing a specific section where you feel a lack of knowledge. One of the most useful materials for you can be Bookkeeping for Personal and Business Accounting, which will help you to figure out how to manage finances for personal and business purposes.

7. Academic Earth
- a website where you can take a full course of lectures for bachelors and masters from the world's most respected universities. On this platform, you can get quality free education from teachers Oxford, Stanford, Harvard, Berkeley. One of the interesting options for you may be playlists, where in one common topic, there are courses from different disciplines that are collected. For example, Money Makes the World Go Round brings together lectures on behavioral psychology, the impact of money on a person's life, their financial strength.


In this article, we have shared with you a list of sites students need to study. But, of course, student life is not limited to acquiring knowledge. And next time, we will tell you what sites on the World Wide Web can help you with organizing vacations, finding work and having fun.

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