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Best Practices in Using LMSs

Best Practices in Using LMSs


This lesson explains best practices in LMS selection and LMS use by teachers.

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Classroom Instruction using an LMS

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Notes on "Best Practices in Using LMSs"

(00:00-00:32) Intro

(00:33-00:40) Objectives

(00:41-02:18) Best Practices in LMS Selection

(02:19-04:30) Best Practices in Teacher Use of LMS

(04:31-06:19) Best Practices in LMS Customer Support Selection

(06:20-06:33) Review

(06:34-07:22) Reflection

Additional Resources

Blogger Beware: Teaching with Blogs Best Practices

This is a presentation by Jason Rhode and Stephanie Richter from the Faculty Development and Instructional Design Center at Northern Illinois University on using blogs in the classroom. This presentation explores how and why to use blogs in classroom instruction. Scroll down to see the "How to" section for tips on implementing blogging as a part of your instructional practices.

Massachusetts Department of Education: Learning Management System (LMS) Rubric

This tool breaks down the LMS into specific components and offers a rubric to evaluate each component. After using the tool, the user will have a comprehensive overview of the LMS systems that they are considering and sufficient data to make appropriate decisions.