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Best Student Lifehacks

Best Student Lifehacks

Author: nevos nevos

Your life in school or college as a student is always taxing. Your days are made up of attendance of lectures, studies, writing of notes, and doing assignments. You also have personal affairs to attend to as a student within the short time available daily. No wonder most students today rely on professional writing sites like paperrater for their essays.

To cope with this immense pressure, most students resort to some tricks, including:

Write your notes using colored pens interchangeably

This trick will help you as a student to enjoy taking notes without getting bored midway the lecture. You can use different colors to write topic headings, subheadings, and to highlight important aspects of the records. Doing this makes the notes appealing to the eyes and pretty to revise. It rejuvenates your memory of key facts.

Keep your college room clean and fresh using a dryer sheet

On many occasions, your tight schedule may not allow you to have the opportunity to clean your room and freshen it. The room can sometimes get stuffy and dirty, which does not present you well to your colleges. You can, therefore, use a dryer sheet to help clean freshen up your room by hanging it using tape over the AC unit. When you turn the AC unit on, the dryer sheet will be able to clean and freshen up your room. You can as well use a fan if you do not have an AC unit.

Get a friend to ask you a question you can answer during a presentation
It is always disappointing to fumble around during question time as you deliver your presentation before a panel of student colleges and lecturers. You can play smart by setting up a friend to ask you predetermined questions that you will quickly answer. This is a trick that will present you as having a good mastery of content. It will, therefore, save you embarrassments that accompany such presentations as most students write essays of their presentations from online sources.

Hide your blue ink cartridge in a red pen

It is always rampant stealing or hijacking of blue pens in college. This could be very annoying as you may fail to capture your notes due to the lack of a blue pen. You can avoid such embarrassments by simply hiding your blue cartridge in a red pen as many people are rarely interested in red pens.

Save your closet space by filing your clothes

Instead of jumbling or just throwing your clothes haphazardly in the closet drawer, you can neatly fold your t-shirts and arrange them well in your closet drawer. This saves on drawer space.

Use a coffee mug to make a leisurely breakfast of scrambled eggs in the microwave

This is an easy way of taking a short time to prepare your breakfast. Having nonstick cooking oil spayed on your mug before adding two eggs into it together with shredded cheese and milk. Put this in the microwave for 45 seconds. Heat while stirring for a further 45 seconds until your meal is thoroughly cooked. Enjoy your breakfast as you run through your essay.

Come up with a Grade Point Average (GPA) at the onset of the semester

GPA summarizes your academic achievements for every semester. Don't lazy around when things are easy as you need strong grades to pull up your weak grades. Work hard at the beginning of the semester when the course is still simple to help compensate your performance when the course appears tougher. Also, ensure you always review your essays before you submit them to the lecturer.

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