Betrayed Trust Discussion

Betrayed Trust Discussion

Author: brecht 2017


Betrayed Trust Discussion
Please answer all discussion questions below Use one scholarly article to support either a leadership, ethical or legal issue.  Use APA format
The management functions of:
Planningencompasses determining philosophy, goals, objectives, policies, procedures, and rules; carrying out long- and short-range projections; determining a fiscal course of action; and managing planned change.
 Organizing includes establishing the structure to carry out plans, determining the most appropriate type of patient care delivery, and grouping activities to meet unit goals. Other functions involve working within the structure of the organization and understanding and using power and authority appropriately.
Staffing functions consist of recruiting, interviewing, hiring, and orienting staff. Scheduling, staff development, employee socialization, and team building are also often included as staffing functions.
Directingsometimes includes several staffing functions. However, this phase’s functions usually entail human resource management responsibilities, such as motivating, managing conflict, delegating, communicating, and facilitating collaboration.
Controlling functions include performance appraisals, fiscal accountability, quality control, legal and ethical control, and professional and collegial control.
D1. Based on your review of the article, give an example of each function
D2. What is the role of a Hospital Board?
D3. What potential legal issues were threats to the organization? 
Were these intentional or unintentional acts?
 Was it subject to trial in civic or criminal court?
D4. The CEO uses a systems theory framework to understand the culture of the organization and to rebuild the organization.
Was this the right strategy for the organization? 
Could it be sustainable after the CEO’s departure?
D5. If you were to identify one key element that led to the dysfunction of the organization.  What would it be and why?
D6. Using this case study give one example of an ethical principle?  Why?
D7. Based on your leadership style, what would you have done differently?
D8. Please list any other leadership and management functions that you identified in the article.

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