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BGualco Web Based Lesson EDIT 4170

BGualco Web Based Lesson EDIT 4170

Author: Brandi Gualco

Students will be able to understand the causes of the American Revolution and complete an accurate timeline.

Grade 5


Social Science/History Standard: 5.5
Students explain the causes of the American Revolution

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Please complete the following tasks below and watch the videos provided before completing the following quiz questions.

1. View and take notes on the slideshow I have provided.

NOTE: You do not take the exit ticket on slide 9

2. Watch the video provided for better background information and details relating to the topic.

3. Print out the the following crossword and complete in class. 

4. Take the quiz.

5. Exit question found on the bottom of this page below the the crossword print out.

NOTE: You will be making your own hard copy of a timeline tomorrow in class. Feel free to be creative!





Exit Ticket