BIAM 510 Week 8 Final Exam

BIAM 510 Week 8 Final Exam

Author: Christine Farr


Using Figure 2-1 in Your Text (25 points)
Discuss the role of BI in each of the four stages of the customer life cycle.
Describe the specific tools that might be appropriate for each and what questions or issues they would address. Make at least one of them a directed data mining approach.
Using the Directed Data Mining Figure Listed Below (45 points) (Lecture 3)
Select one of the specific tools you described in your answer to the previous question.
Describe for each of the 11 components what you would do to appropriately manage the process. This should include issues such asresources required;
possible problems encountered and appropriate responses;
measures of project success or failure; and
descriptions of target and input variables.

Methods Section (70 points) TCOs E, F, G, and H
Decision Trees (10 points)
Survival Analysis (20 points)
Discuss the role hazards play in survival analysis.
Describe how survival analysis would be used when trying to identify the behavior of multiple groups of customers

Discuss the role of censoring in survival analysis

Provide specific examples of how survival analysis might be used to derive customer value

Market Basket Analysis (20 points)
Describe the insights a market basket analysis might provide an organization
Text Analytics (20 points)
Compare and contrast the two major approaches to text analytics: bag of words and natural language processing.
Describe the steps in a corpus
How is a term document matrix used?
Analysis Section (90 points) TCOs C and D
Select an iLab from one of the following weeks: 4,5,6,or 7.
Note: Week 5 was chosen for possible recommendations.

Write a review of your efforts (20 points)
Describe what you consider to be the strengths of the analysis approach you used in this iLab.
Describe what you consider to be the weaknesses of the analysis approach you used in this iLab

Develop a set of recommendations of what might be done to improve the analysis you did in this iLab. You should have at least three recommendations

Demonstrate how you would implement as many of your recommendations as you are able by redoing some of your analysis from the iLab and/or performing additional analysis. (70 points)

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