Author: Ryan Backman

This lesson will explore bias in studies.

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Introduction to Statistics

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  • Bias

    The tendency for collected data to differ from what is expected in a systematic way. Biased data can often favor a specific group of those studied.

  • Selection Bias

    Selecting a sample in such a way that certain subsets of the population are systematically excluded.

  • Publication Bias

    The desire of researchers (and research publications) to only print the most sensational or interesting articles.

  • Hawthorne Effect

    People have the tendency to change their behavior when they know they are being monitored.

  • Participation (Voluntary Response) Bias

    Bias that occurs when a sample consists entirely of volunteers. People with strong opinions may be the only ones who volunteer.

  • Response Bias

    Bias that occurs when a respondent tells the interviewer "what they want to hear" or lies due to the sensitive nature of the question.