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Bible Study for Youth - Life in Exile (Daniel 1-6)

Bible Study for Youth - Life in Exile (Daniel 1-6)

Author: Joyce Bott

To know God's story through the language and culture of youth.

Why it's important: We can't truly say we love God unless we actually make the effort to know His story and what He's done for us.

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Where Does Daniel fit on the Bible Timeline?





Source: BRE Bible Software Package

Pre-class Reading: Daniel 1-6 Overview

Source: Mears, Henrietta C. and Blankenbaker, Francis (2011), 'What the Bible is all About: Bible Handbook for Kids'

Thrown into the Fire

Daniel's friends are persecuted for keeping their faith in God

Source: Downey, Roma and Burnett, Mark (2013 film),'The Bible'

The Lion's Den

Daniel is thrown in the lion's den for disobeying the king.

Source: Downey, Roma and Burnett, Mark (2013 film),'The Bible'

Real Life Application - The Story of Daniel

Source: Cavins, Jeff, Gray, Tim and Christmyer, Sara (2011) 'The Great Adventure Bible Study Program'

Daniel in the Lion's Den - Image 1

Reflect on the story of Daniel and devote a page in your sketchbook to recreate the image of Daniel in the Lion's Den: