Bibliography/Works Cited

Bibliography/Works Cited

Author: Jodi Carlson
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Introduction to Psychology

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No matter what publishable text you create, you will need to share where you got your information.  In other words, you will need to share your sources.  And not only do you need to share your sources, but you will need to share which source your different pieces of evidence and examples came from. 

Bibliography/Works Cited

Please look through this slideshow as a review for Works Cited.

Annotated Bibliography

Watch this video for more information about Works Cited and Annotated Bibliographies. Remember, everyone will need a works cited page, so it is important you understand this information.

Exit Ticket for Bibliography/Works Cited

1.  If you have not yet done so, go to Easybib.com and create a new project for this unit.



2.  Choose one credible source from a topic seminar or your own research.  On the Google Form below, write a brief summary of that information and include an MLA citation.