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Big Data, Dieting and Marijuana. What should you know about it?

Big Data, Dieting and Marijuana. What should you know about it?

Author: Mary Walton

Hello Readers! Are you aware that off late, the researchers are doing a detailed analysis of the prevailing diet practices to find ways of maintaining overall health? By using the latest technology of big-data, they have assessed that a good diet is made of a healthy and balanced combination of fruits, vegetables, and fat.

You may say, what is great about it? I always knew it! But read below and you will get a feel of what we want to say.

Diet and Life Expectancy – With eyes of Big Data!

One such widely acknowledged research work is undertaken by the McMaster University’s Population Health Research Institute. It covered 240000 people that were living over diverse geographical areas covering five continents and 50 countries. The research matched the life expectancy with different diets.

The data on the population was taken from the study of Prospective Urban Rural Epidemiology. The survey covers population from the low, middle- and high-income groups from 50 sample countries. The study took seven years to complete thereby collecting huge data related to causes and creating the underlying reasons for cardiovascular diseases among the people.

By using data science, the findings are as follows:

1. If you are daily consuming 375 to 500 grams of vegetables, fruits, and legumes, then the death risk will come down drastically. So, I will consumer even more, may be your response. Sorry, as per research findings if you consume more of these, there is not much to gain.
2. The intake of fruits has a more profound effect on health than that of vegetables. So, next time make sure that your purchasing basket has the right quantity of fruits.
3. Taking a higher amount of fat reduces the death risk compared to the lower intake. What? I was also told that taking fat is bad can be your response.

But the research findings are contrary to other researches related to the effects of consuming fats and health risks.

4. The consumption of saturated fats indicates the tendency of reduced stroke risk.

One significant areas of concern identified during research is related to the consumption of carbohydrates. It shows that higher consumption of carbs increases the death risk. As per findings of Dr. Mahshid Dehghan, with lower fat consumption the intake of carbs increases. It is truer in case of south Asians, thereby leading to an observable trend of higher mortality rates.

This kind of information is also useful to develop new health technology like mobile apps to track nutrition and diet. As an added advantage, the Big Data analysis can pave the way for realistic policies for drug test, to help balance the sensible use of drugs with social and workplace needs

Big Data also Says-Eat Less and Exercise More!

The researchers at the Global Obesity Prevention Centre located at Johns Hopkins University have worked hard in Baltimore, Maryland to establish the fact that eating less and exercising more is the key to a healthy and long life.

It has been established that obesity is not linked to just diet and exercise, but it is the result of many other factors as:

Social network,
living environment
Social Values
and a lot more.

Thanks to big data that now these factors can be adequately studied to create an accurate study of obesity and ways to detox from weed. By analysing the health data from large group of people, Big Data can guide millions more looking to effective ways to detox and to get pot out of their system.


With each passing year, Big data is revealing the larger picture of human health and creating a revolutionary change in improving the personalized health care and treatment. The Big data is putting new tools in your hands to understand your unique habits, environment, and situations. The days are not far off when by analysing the historical data you will be able to predict the future of your health, and to a large extent even control it.

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