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Bill Nye: Burn Rubber

Bill Nye: Burn Rubber

Author: Bill Nye

This tutorial from Bill Nye explains how to perform a simple experiment with a rubber band. The experiment demonstrates how friction can dissipate energy as heat.

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Burn Rubber


Heat things up with this experiment. You can do it right where you’re sitting, right now. Try it!

What You Need:

1. a rubber band or a rubber balloon

What You Do:

1. Repeatedly stretch it out between your hands. Do this about 25 times, as rapidly as you can. 
2. Gently press the rubber band or balloon to your chin or lips. 
3. What do you notice?

What’s Happening?

The rubber warmed up. The stretching created friction between the tiny, tiny molecules of rubber. The energy from your moving hands turned into heat energy inside the rubber that you could feel on your face.

Burn Rubber

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