Bill Nye Demonstration:  Crushing a Can with Air

Bill Nye Demonstration: Crushing a Can with Air

Author: Bill Nye

What happens when you heat a small amount of water in a can, and then submerge it in cold water? What happens to the speed of particles when they go from hot to cold? Discover the effects of water vapor, the form water takes on as a gas, when it undergoes changes in atmospheric pressure. Elevate your level of scientific comprehension by mastering experiments such as the "Can Crusher" in preparation for more technical methods within the sciences.

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Bill Nye The Science Guy: Classic demonstration featuring our favorite compound water

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Here are the directions for this activity as well as another one to try.

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Let's take a look at a slightly larger can...

A new use for a kiddie pool and ice water.

What Happens When its a Giant Can?

Steam cleaning a tanker and sealing it shut on a cold evening doesn't work well.