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Bill Nye: Pond, James Pond

Bill Nye: Pond, James Pond

Author: Bill Nye

This tutorial by Bill Nye explains how to create a tool for looking through the surface of water without being thwarted by reflections.

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Pond, James Pond


When you look at a pond, it’s hard to see what’s underwater. The surface reflects light like a mirror. Here’s a way to scratch the surface of a pond. You can build your own waterscope to gaze on creatures and features under the water.

What You Need:

1. juice can

2. plastic wrap

3. rubber bands

4. packing tape

What You Do:

1. Remove both ends of your juice can. Sometimes they pull off; sometimes you need a can opener. Check the cans. If any sharp edges stick up, use a hammer to tap and bend them down. Cover the edges with plastic tape to keep from getting cut.

2. Tear off a piece of plastic wrap. Stretch the wrap tightly over one of the can’s openings and hold it tight with a rubber band.

3. To use your waterscope, gently set the plastic-wrapped end into the water and look through the other end. Now you can see through the mirror made by the pond’s surface.

Extra! Extra!

You can make two juice can viewers and tape them together for binocular pond viewing.

Muy Importante!

Remember your ABC’s of safety: always be careful. Don’t fall face first. Bring an adult with you.

Pond, James Pond

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