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Bill of Rights

Bill of Rights

Author: Haley Ewert

12.2 Students evaluate and take and defend positions on the scope and limits of

rights and obligations as democratic citizens, the relationships among them,

and how they are secured.

1. Discuss the meaning and importance of each of the rights guaranteed under the Bill of Rights and how each is secured (e.g., freedom of religion, speech, press, assembly, petition, privacy).

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Main Idea

The assignment is to look through these websites on the Bill of Rights and two specific amendments. Understand what the purpose of the Bill of Rights is. Why would it be important to the constitution? Please review the sites before taking the quiz. After looking over the websites and have used the guided questions, take the quiz.  Bill of Rights are comprised of the first ten amendments. At the moment we will just cover the first five. The key question I want you to focus on is how something that was written more than two hundred years ago applies to today's society. How is the first amendment applicable to today? Why are the other four amendments still important to today?

As you look over these sites, keep in mind of the main question. How do they relate to today?  This first site allows you to look at the importance of the Bill of Rights, how they came to be. The amendments and their descriptions are also listed. Look the amendments over to gain a better understanding of what they are.


This next site is specific to the fourth amendment. The fourth amendment has numerous aspects to it, which is broken down on this site. Take a look at the court cases and their rulings. Know what rights are granted to every individual within this amendment.

This web link has four pages connected to the first amendment. It goes in greater detail than the first two websites.  When looking over the first amendment pay close attention to what each component allows and does not allow. This amendment is debated and contested even today. It is relevant to today’s life, because what is freedom of speech can constantly be argued, and is. It also includes the establishment clause and the discussion of religion.