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BIM Geometry Standard 2.B - Point Line and Plane Postulates

BIM Geometry Standard 2.B - Point Line and Plane Postulates

Author: Krystle Stehno

This standard includes: Sketch and interpret diagrams Understand and use vocabulary such as collinear, coplanar, plane, line, ray, segment, intersection, acute, straight, obtuse, right, perpendicular, and parallel Understand what information can and cannot be assumed from a diagram Explain the point, line, and plane postulates and critique the reasoning of others Identify postulates using diagrams, or draw diagrams representing postulates

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Point, Line and Plane Postulates

Please click each of the video links below for the videos, then complete the quiz to the right.

State the postulate illustrated by a diagram example:

Example 1

Use a diagram to write an example of a postulate:

Example 2

Sketch a diagram example:

Example 3

What statements cannot be assumed from the diagram?

Example 4