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bioconjugate chemistry

bioconjugate chemistry

Author: bocsci bocsci

bioconjugate chemistry

BOC Sciences not only provides the synthesis of small molecules and biopolymers, but also contributes to functionalization or activation of compounds ready for cross-linking with pre-activated small molecules. These small molecules are either supplied by customers or prepared internally. After labeling biopolymers with small molecules, the standard desalination, purification, quality inspection, final concentration and labeling rate were determined. BOC Sciences specializes in synthesizing new small molecules, modifying existing molecules, and advising customers on appropriate ways to activate small molecules, label small molecules, and combine small molecules with biomolecules. As one of the pioneers of synthetic biological services, we are actively seeking to develop new technologies to help customers develop new biological binding reagents for sensitive testing applications. BOC Sciences is committed to supplying cost-effective products and services, which are being utilized by our customers worldwide in drug discovery and research on a daily basis to promote innovations in various industries.

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