Author: Sheri Cole

Students will be able to:

  1. discuss biodiversity and its importance 
  2. compare and contrast species diversity and genetic diversity
  3. discuss the importance of genetic diversity for the survival of a species
  4. relate biodiversity to natural selection
  5. create and use a dichotomous key for a given species or organism.


  1. Watch the power point, with audio, to make notes to your notes and to hear very important and helpful information for your test on Thursday
  2. Put a star next to anything you have questions over or need more clarification about..or write a list of questions to ask me on Monday
  3. Complete the sophia quiz in the upper right hand corner of the screen.  There are ten questions for this quiz, make sure you view all of them and know the answers (you will see them again).  To see all ten questions, hit "skip" instead of answering the questions; once you have viewed all ten questions, you may answer any three and get your sophia points.
  4. Bring your notes to class on Monday to show me.  
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