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Biographical Research Project

Biographical Research Project


1.  Students will research a famous Texan via books and online articles to gather information about the Texan's life.

2.  Students will use information and the rubric provided to create a multimedia presentation about the famous Texan they researched.

In this project, students will use research skills they have learned to gather information about a famous Texan. They will use the information to create a multimedia presentation about their Texan and share it with the class.

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Introduction to Research

This video provides a basic introduction to research. It includes a brief discussion on how to get started, what type of web sites are good for research, and why it is important to cite sources.

Source: Created by Beverly Weatherington

Introduction to Research PPT

This power point contains the slides used in the video. It has a hyperlink that leads to some good research sites for students. It also includes (in the last slide) a list of famous Texans to be used for research purposes.

Source: Created by Beverly Weatherington

Biography Research Questions

Use this form to guide you as you complete your research.

Source: Created by Beverly Weatherington

Biography Research Rubric

Students will use this rubric to guide them in creating their final project after research is completed.


Source: Created by Beverly Weatherington