Biography Close-up

Biography Close-up

Author: Anne Trethewey

To refine students understanding of the importance of the inclusion of relevant information within a biography and key structural elements including chronological order.

Students will be required to listen and following along with the readings of two (2) biographies.  At the completion of each of these activities students will be required to access Edmodo in order to complete more detailed assessment activities to ascertain their understanding of the content presented and the structure of a biography.

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Having completed Lesson 3, you should be beginning to develop and understanding of what it takes to write a good biography.  The time has now come to test that understanding!



Below you will find two activities that will need to completed.  Each of the activities contains a link to a MP3 recording and PDF transcript of biography.



  1. Listen to the recording provided, making sure you read along with text using the PDF file.
  2. When you have finished, log into 'Edmodo' and complete the assigned test.  This test will assess both your understanding of the text and the structural elements needed to write an engaging informative biography.

BIOGRAPHY 1: Audrey Hepburn [Transcript]

Full Screen

BIOGRAPHY 1: Assessment

Remember to log into Edmodo and complete your test based on this biography of Audrey Hepburn.



BIOGRAPHY 2: Bill Gates [Transcript]

Full Screen

BIOGRAPHY 2: Assessment

Remember to log into Edmodo and complete your test based on this biography of Bill Gates.