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Fish-Switch DNA sequences

Attached are the DNA sequences of some of the fish available for a study.
You will identify them using a program called BLAST that can be found at
1. Open BLAST.
2. Select "Nucleotide Blast"
3. Cut and paste the DNA sequence from one of the fish into the
BLAST box (this is the FASTA sequence.
4. Before you "BLAST" it, you need to make it one continuous sequence.
5. Database Search set should be "others".
6.Program selection should optimize for "highly similar sequences
7. Click on the box below the BLAST button to show results in a new
8. Click on the BLAST button.

To determine the Status of the Fish, use the IUCN list of Threatened Species which can be found at
Search for the Latin name of your species to find out if it is threatened, endangered, etc.

Full Screen

Source: Let's Talk Science "CurioCity" 2012 and Biodiversity Institute of Ontario (University of Guelph)

PTC Bioinformatics

1.  Go to

2.  Select the 3rd lab (on the left), " Using a SNP to predict Bitter Tasting Ability"

3. After the lab opens, select "Bioinformatics" .

4.  Work through this activity.

Source: DNALC and Carolina Biological