Author: Joyce Buda


A typical PCR cycle consists of steps at different temperatures, typically 55, 78 and 98 oC. The correct order of these steps is?
If radioactive nucleotide bases were provided to bacteria during DNA synthesis, then after cell division you would find: 
Does the DNA in the skin cell have the same sequence of bases as the DNA in the brain cell of the same organism? 
The order of amino acids in proteins depends on the order of bases in the DNA.
During DNA replication, it is possible for the T residue in the template strand to form two hydrogen bonds with a T base on the new strand. This doesn’t normally occur because: 
Which of the following statements is FALSE?
Which part of the nucleotide stores the genetic information?
In which of the following organisms is it necessary to transport the mRNA across a membrane prior to protein synthesis. Select all that apply.
Skin cells perform very different functions compared to brain cells. On the molecular level, what makes skin cells different from brain cells in the same organism?
What is the end result of DNA replication?

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