Author: Joyce Buda


At the point labeled “2” in the diagram above, downward-pointing nostrils evolved. Which of the following groups should share this homologous feature with humans?
Over several thousand years, many new species of cichlids (small fish) arose and adapted to specific habitats and lifestyles within Africa’s Lake Tanganyika. This is a good example of…
Which is most likely to be a single gene pool? All of the genes and alleles that are found in…
The traits that are favored by natural selection improve an individual’s ability to _______.
Which statement is true about Charles Darwin?
Over time, technologies change. For example the internal combustion engine has begun to change rapidly in recent years with new fuel-efficient designs and modifications. This is an example of biological evolution.
Worldwide, most adult humans cannot digest lactose (milk sugar) and become sick if they drink milk. When people in Europe and parts of Africa domesticated livestock and began to use milk as a source of food, individuals who could better tolerate lactose were better able to grow, survive, and produce offspring. As a result, alleles for adult lactose tolerance became common in these milk-drinking populations. This is a good example of…
Sickle cell anemia is a disorder that results when a person is born homozygous for a certain hemoglobin allele (aa). What is the connection between malaria and sickle cell anemia?
Which statement best sums up the modern theory of evolution?
When any two species are compared, biologists can find many detailed similarities in their cell structures and genetic sequences. For example, a yeast cell (fungus) has many genes and proteins that are a close match to similar structures found in human cells. How do biologists interpret such similarities?
You can group modern birds and Ceratosauria in a clade that does not include Sauropodomorpha
Why does antibiotic resistance become more common among bacteria when they are exposed to antibiotics?
Which of the following is an example of a characteristic under sexual selection?
A biological lineage is a group of ____________ that evolves as an independent unit.
The Class Mammalia includes all living species with hair and mammary glands plus related fossil species; it is a complete group containing all of the descendants of a common ancestor that also had these characteristics. Therefore the Class Mammalia is a ____________.

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