Author: Joyce Buda


A population is
Based on past rates of birth and death you set up a logistic model of a dolphin population. This model predicts that there will be 10,020 dolphins next spring. How should you interpret this model’s prediction?
Which graph below depicts an exponential growth pattern?
What was the per capita rate of change in Montana’s population in 2010?
Aphids are tiny plant-sucking insects that complete a life cycle in a few weeks. A population of aphids is likely to be...
What was Montana’s per capita birth rate for 2010?
At a certain population size called the _______________, a self-limiting population will tend to stay at the same size because the birth rate is equal to the death rate.
When does a self-limiting population such as a population of large fish or mammals grow the fastest?
What was Montana’s per capita death rate for 2010?
The above data are for Montana. Wyoming has 563,626 people in 251,469 km2. Which state has a greater population density?

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