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Question 1 (2 points)
Which statement about evolution is FALSE?
Question 1 options:
According to evolutionary theory, you are related to a bacterium, to a yeast cell, to a snake, and to a whale. In fact, you are related to every species now alive on Earth, and to fossil species like dinosaurs as well.

Natural selection acts on genetic differences within a population to cause evolution. Individuals do not evolve.

Natural selection is about slow but steady progress. Through it, populations constantly get better-adapted. When this process is completed for all populations, evolution will come to a stop.

Evolution occurs constantly, without end; there is no endpoint in evolution.

Question 2 (2 points)
Negatively charged particles are found where in an atom?
Question 2 options:
In the nucleus

In a single layer outside the nucleus

In multiple layers outside the nucleus

Both inside and outside the nucleus

Question 3 (2 points)
Which characteristic of water protects fish when a lake freezes?
Question 3 options:

water is less dense as a solid
water as a solvent

all of the above

Question 4 (2 points)
You have a solution that has a pH of 8 and need it to be pH 5. What do you do?
Question 4 options:
Add water

Add a base

Add an acid

Add a buffer

Question 5 (2 points)
What characteristic of carbon makes it a good backbone for creating diverse and durable molecules?
Question 5 options:
Carbon is a large atom.

Carbon forms four covalent bonds.

Carbon forms hydrogen bonds.

All of the above

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