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Biomes Project Assignment

Biomes Project Assignment

Author: Robbie Case

You will research your assigned biome and use an online tool to create a presentation of your biome to share with the class via Edmodo.  We will also complete the Biome Bags lab activity.

Your presentation should include the following information:

1.  Location of biome 

2.  Characteristic flora and fauna

3.  Climate, including precipitation and temperature

4.  Specific characteristics of biome

5.  At least 5 images of your biome 

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Tech Tools for Biome Project

This quick screencast will be an overview of tech tools that you may use to complete your biome project.

Source: Glogster/edu,,

Biome Bags

In this culminating activity, students will explore ecology and biodiversity in terrestrial biomes. They will work cooperatively to research and share information to complete the Biome Jigsaw Chart. They will determine which biome is represented by the cards in the group’s bag. Students will also justify, in writing, the biome represented by the bag of cards.


Source: Alabama Science In Motion J3 Lab