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To address GADOE Biology Curriculum:

SB2. Students will analyze how biological traits are passed on to successive generations.

f. Examine the use of DNA technology in forensics, medicine, and agriculture.

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Brightstorm: Genetically Modified Organisms

Watch this for a breakdown of some basics of how biotechnology is used in medicine, agriculture and forensics. TAKE SOME NOTES.

Learn.Genetics - What is Gene Therapy?

Use this website to gain a better understanding of biotechnology's role in medicine.  Read through the main text and then click through the two sections of the case study on the right hand side.  TAKE A FEW NOTES.

Source: Learn.Genetics, University of Utah, Health Sciences

Learn.Genetics - Virtual Labs

Go to the University of Utah's Health Sciences website and complete both the Gel Electrophoresis virtual lab and the PCR virtual lab.  Don't forget to read!

Source: Learn.Genetics, University of Utah, Health Sciences

Several More Videos For Your Viewing Pleasure

Check out these YouTube videos for more info over biotechnology and it's uses.  TAKE A FEW  NOTES.

Source: Various sources on YouTube. The titles here mirror the YouTube titles.

Biotechnology Power Point

Look over this power point for additional information. TAKE A FEW NOTES FOR GOOD MEASURE.

Vocabulary Work

Create a vocabulary accordion book OR create flash cards of the following terms.  Be sure to write the word and then use it in a biologically, contextual sentence.

  • biotechnology
  • DNA finger printing
  • gel electrophoresis
  • recombinant DNA
  • polymerase chain reaction
  • restriction enzyme

Main Assignment - Prezi

In addition to the vocabulary accordion book you will receive a grade for creating a Prezi (if it is easier to create a Power Point then you are welcome to do that instead) that explains and examines the use of DNA technology in forensics, medicine, and agriculture.  Use what you have learned in this tutorial and in class to complete this task.  Your only requirements are that you:

  • and 
  • DNA technology in forensics,
  • DNA technology in medicine,
  • and
  • DNA technology in agriculture.

Yea, my grammar is not the best here but I wanted to make sure you got the point.  Oh, and use appropriate vocabulary in your Prezi.