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Biotechnology unit

Biotechnology unit


In order to demonstrate not only an understanding of the techniques used in this unit but the skills, you need to be able to:

  1. define the terms genetic engineering, biotechnology
  2. describe the following techniques used in genetic research:
    • restriction enzymes and restriction mapping     
  3.   briefly describe the following procedures and their function in genetic research:
    • restriction digestion
    • DNA ligation
    • polymerase chain reaction (PCR)
    • gel electrophoresis
    • DNA sequencing (Sanger sequencing)






This unit is a practical application of the Molecular Genetics unit of S6Bio. During this couple of weeks, you will conduct two complete studies:

  • isolation and detection of the PTC gene
  • isolation, PCR and identification of the cytochrome oxidase I gene in a fish sample to determine if the fish was labelled correctly.

Through this lab you will learn a number of practical skills used in a Biotechnology lab. 

Assessment will involve a Quest on the Theory and a Student Presentation on one of your two gels.

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Biotechnology Unit Outline

Attached is the Schedule for the Biotechnology Unit.
Included are the Criteria and Rubric for the Oral Presentation of the Gel analysis.


Source: M. O'Mahony

Biotechnology Terminology

This is a list of common Biotechnology terms and their definitions.


Source: The Wolbachia Project, Cornell University and HHMI

Practice Test

This test is from a few years ago when we were working with Wolbachia - a bacterium that infects insects.
When you see this name, you can substitute PTC or Fish DNA for it.


Source: M. O'Mahony