Author: Christine Farr


1. (TCO 3) The most important role of a systems analyst in business is ____.
2. (TCO 3) The ____ phase of the Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC) begins only after the new system has been installed and put into production, and it lasts throughout the productive life of the system.
3. (TCO 3) Asimov, Inc. sells robot lawn mowers to large property owners. The company wishes to reduce component costs by coordinating more closely with parts vendors and reducing inventory levels. This goal could best be accomplished by developing a(n) ____________ system
4. (TCO 3) Clarke, Inc. develops information systems for law offices. The requirements for these information systems are negotiated in advance and are spelled out in detail in lengthy written contracts that are signed by all parties at the start of each project. The systems must be highly reliable and use proven, stable technology. A(n) _______________ approach to the SDLC would be best suited for these projects
5. (TCO 3) Egan Enterprises is a large multinational conglomerate with divisions in several different lines of business. Each division needs its own information systems, but there are many elements that all of the divisional systems have in common: They all deal with customers, accounts, payments, and so on. To support all of the divisions efficiently, Egan's information systems group needs to reuse these common features in many different systems, and avoid creating similar features from scratch for each division. This goal would best be achieved using a(n) ____________ development approach.
6. (TCO 4) An example of an intangible benefit is ____
7. (TCO 4) The objective of ____ is to calculate a percentage return so that the costs and benefits are exactly equal over the specified time period
8. (TCO 4) The present value of $100,000 development costs in year 0 assuming a 15% discount rate is: ____.
9. (TCO 4) The Gibson Corporation is implementing a new manufacturing information system, but workers in the factory are resisting its adoption because they are afraid that they will be laid off once the system is in operation. This issue should have been identified during __________.
10. (TCO 5) Questionnaires can be useful in information gathering when users ____.

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