Bits on poetry

Bits on poetry

Author: AJ Sandberg

To teach unaware kids of different poetry terms

You learn about 4 different terms that are important to writing and learning about poetry.

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After reading this lesson you will have mastered 4 important poetry terms. The 4 terms that i will teach you are hyperbole, onomatopoeia, simile, and metaphor. These words are important parts of writing and understanding poetry. 


The first word that I am going to teach you is called a hyperbole. This word means an extreme exaggeration. An example of this is, " I told you a million times". You say i told you million times you extremely exaggerate the fact that you have said it a lot.

Example of Hyperbole

Everything they say in this video are good examples of hyperboles.


The next word I will teach you is called onomatopoeia. This is just when you use words like " BAM, BING, BOING, POW, ZOOM, BOOM", basically they are words that describe sounds. When I remember this word I think of comic books where when they punch someone there is a box that has "BAM" in it. That is a good example of an Onomatopoeia. 

Example of Onomatopoeia

great examples of what onomatopoeia's are like

Simile vs. Metaphor

The Last 2 words kind of go together but are different. Simile is when you are comparing two unlike things using 'like' or 'as'. A metaphor is comparing two different things without using like or as. An example of a simile is "that guy eats like a pig". An example of a metaphor is "the inside of the car was a refrigerator".

Example of Simile and Metaphor

great examples of similes and metaphor and learning them in a cool way.

FInding Terms

This is how to find these terms in a poem.