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Black Beauty Chapters 1-10

Black Beauty Chapters 1-10

Author: Julie Sully
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Vocabulary Chapters 1-5

We will review these in class. 

1. canter

2. farrier

3. vice

4. crupper

5. roan

6. paddock

7. astonish

8. shriek

9. halter

10. harness

11. chaise

12. breeching

13. skirted

14. blinkers

15. accustom

16. girths

17. pales

18. disregard

19. accommodation

Vocabulary Chapter 6-10

We will review these in class.

1. discontented

2. fidget

3. pined

4. flanks

5. filly

6. obliged

7. hock

8. chafed

9. civil


11. indignity

12. disfigure

13. liberty

14. skittish

15. weaned

16. forelock

17. sieve

18. flog

19. spurs



Before Reading Questions

We will answer these in class.

Chapters 1-5

1. Throughout history horses have been one of the most popular and useful animals to humankind. Describe a personal encounter that you have experienced with a horse. This may be a real experience with a real horse, or one you have enjoyed through the printed word – or even through another media (such as a movie or television program). 

2. Research one of the following: an interesting quote about horses; the name of a really good book or movie about a horse; or a personal story or anecdote that a friend or family member told you which involves a horse. 

Chapters 6-10

1. Chapter Six is entitled, Liberty, and describes Black Beauty’s yearning for more freedom in his life. Why do you think liberty is such an important thing in the life of a person – or a horse? 

2. Investigate: In horseback riding, what was the purpose of the spur? How might a horse resent such an instrument? 

Questions Chapters 1-5

Answer the following sentences in complete sentences. These are the questions that are due for homework on Monday.


Questions Chapters 6-10

Answer the following sentences in complete sentences. These are the questions that are due for homework on Monday.