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Blak Beauty Chapter 21-30

Blak Beauty Chapter 21-30

Author: Julie Sully
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Vocabulary Chapters 21-25

1. peculiar

2. imperious

3. vexed

4. amiable

5. obliged

6. anxious

7. governess

8. situation

9. character

10. refreshment

11. constitution

12. peculiarities

13. irritable

14. accustomed

15. nuisance

16. respectfully

17. drab

18. constant

19. terret


Vocabulary Chapters 26-30

1. slovenly

2. consequence

3. commotion

4. contempt

5. caustic

6. inquest

7. blemishes

8. conversation

9. foremost

10. sufficiently

11. inquest

12. warrant

13. tolerably

14. fatiguing

15. tormenting

16. phaeton

17. contemptuously

18. cob

19. cockney

20. dun

Before Reading Questions

Chapter 21-25

1. Have you ever moved to a different house or apartment? If so, describe what you found most difficult about the experience. If you haven’t, imagine how difficult it might be. 

2. What do you consider to be three important character traits in someone hired to work with horses (such as a hostler, groom, or driver)? 

Chapters 26-30

1. Think of at least two ways that a horse is at the mercy of its owner .

2. Can you think of any ways that society today can protect horses against being abused by cruel owners? (Be specific in your suggestions.) 




Questions Chapters 21-25


Questions Chapter 26-30