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Blended Classroom Tools & Ideas

Blended Classroom Tools & Ideas


To provide background knowlege on what blended learning is, and how to apply it to the classroom.

To provide tools to use in a blended learning environment.

To look at StudySync as a blended learning tool.

This tutorial aims to provide educators with information about blended learning.  Tools are also addressed related to the topic of blended learning.

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The Basics of Blended Learning

Watch this video on the basics of blended learning.

Benefits of Blended Learning

Part 2 of the blended learning video, focuses on benefits.

Blended Learning

Tools for the Blended Learning Classroom


Want further information on the program StudySync?

Here is a presentation dedicated to just that!

Get In Sync with StudySync

StudySync Featured Teacher: Victoria Costley

Explore StudySync with featured teacher Victoria Costley. See how she uses the program in her 7th grade Reading classroom.