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Blended Learning

Blended Learning

Author: Jody Waltman

In this lesson, you will learn about blended learning, including the six different types that can be implemented in K-12 classrooms. You will investigate benefits and challenges related to blended learning.

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Notes on "Blended Learning"

(00:00 - 00:21) Introduction

(00:22 - 00:54) Definition of Blended Learning

(00:55 - 02:13) 6 Types of Blended Learning

(02:14 - 04:09) Benefits of Blended Learning

(04:10 - 06:21) Challenges of Blended Learning

(06:22 - 06:34) Review

(06:35 - 07:04) Stop and Reflect

Additional Resources

Blended Learning Toolkit: What is Blended Learning?

This site is a helpful resource from the University of Central Florida on planning and implementing a blended learning approach using innovative approaches to teaching and learning in a technology rich environment.

Blended Learning Model Definitions

The Clayton Christensen Institute site describes and outlines the different models of blended learning. The site offers useful infographics that clearly illustrate each model and its uses and benefits.