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Blended Learning by Jackie Jones

Blended Learning by Jackie Jones

Author: Jackie Jones
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Blended Learning

Blended Learning


Blending learning is defined as learning facilitated by the effective combination of different modes of delivery, models of teaching, styles of learning, and based on transparent communication among all parties involved in development competence.


There is increased interest in blended learning at lower levels of the organization and also in executive education as well. This is because of the result of different factors.One factor is because of the recent financial crisis that have forced different companies to scrutinize their cost of executive development and the time those executives along with upper management are away from their offices. Another factor is because of the emphasis that chief learning officers are placing on the application of learning in the working field. This is due to the fact that providing a stellar classroom experience is no longer considered sufficient.This joining together of economic pressures, solution focused learning, and embracing of new technologies has impelled companies along with schools to revisit blended learning as an effective approach to learning at the executive level.


Blended learning is an evolution of learning. Blended learning has been around for a while.  Blended learning is another name for e-learning which is a technological innovation that is being successfully incorporated into the K-12 classroom and will forever change the way teachers teach and students learn.


Blended learning shares many advantages of online learning which includes customization, flexible pacing, and master-based progress.  Other advantages includes differentiated learning which is a type of program that can diagnose a student’s learning level and style; multiple learning modalities where students can participate in multiple leaning modalities along with online learning; student ownership which gives students ownership and control of their education with the supervision of their teacher.  Here the students have far more control over the “time, place, path, and pace” of their learning then traditional school students; physical location which provides the benefits of online learning within a physical building.


I believe that teachers and eLearning professionals should care because the rise of eLearning and blended learning is debatably two of the most powerful tools available to the growing need for education. The need to improve access to education opportunities allows students who desire to pursue their education but are constricted due to the distance of the institution to achieve education through virtual connection newly available to them.





Blended Learning Toolkit is a free, open resource for education institutions interested in developing or expending their blended learning initiatives.


BlendedLearningNow is an aggregator of the leading blogs, news, research, case studies and videos about blended learning, with the most recent entries on the home page and entries organized by the type under resources.


Blend My Learning is an active blog by 18 leading blended learning educators.


Next Generation Learning Challenge - learn from 20 new blended learning schools who received Wave III awards, and watch video presentations explaining their models.




My Valuable Post


I decided to do my summarizing on a post by April Jackson titled Blended Learning – A Disruptive Innovation.  Disruptive innovations fundamentally transform a sector by replacing expensive, complicated, and inaccessible products or services with much less expensive, simpler, and more convenient alternatives.  On this website, they look at what blended learning is, why it’s spreading, and how it works in real and virtual classrooms. They talks about how students could experience blended learning while taking classes in a traditional school building and also taking come courses online remotely. The website expresses how blended learning is on the rise.  Un-welcoming budgets, approaching teacher deficiencies, and a greater demand for results are quickening the growth of blended learning.  From the year 2000 to 2014, the website showed the percentage of K-12 grade students who has and will be taking at least one course online.