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Blended Learning & Teacher Tutorials

Blended Learning & Teacher Tutorials

Author: Susan Hall

Learning Target 1: Participants will identify success pieces of the blended learning environment and how to translate this to their own environment.

Learning Target 2: Participants will identify the student achievement with the use of screen casting.

What make blended learning successful and what does it look like in different content environments? This math and biology room have similarities and differences in the implementation process.

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Blended Learning: Making it Work

Blended learning looks different in all classrooms. A biology and math classroom serve as examples. The importance of richer learning with resources and screen casting is shared from the teacher perspective.

Source: "Blended Learning: Making It Work in Your Classroom." YouTube. Edutopia, 11 Sept. 2014. Web. 31 May 2015.

Blended Learning: Making it Work

Find out more about the classroom you just watched in this Edutopia link: