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Blended learning tutorial:  Developing Reading and Writing Skills:

Blended learning tutorial: Developing Reading and Writing Skills:

Author: Donya Ernst

You will recognize and understand how to proofread

You will recognize the importance plagiarism

You will be able to identify the key to an effective argument

You will be able to construct a piece of argumentative writing

You will be able to proofread each other’s writing and give appropriate feedback

You will be able to edit your work for positive results through the feedback


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Watch the short video on Editing and Proofreading Skills

Prepare bullet points of the most important reasons of why we need to edit and proofread our written assignments. Bring these points into the next lesson to be shared and compared.

Proofreading and editing class lesson

Proofreading a letter: Dear lady andrews...

Task: You will proofread this letter again individually and see if you can locate all the mistakes.


Let's Write: The Writing Lab

Continue following the instructions for your piece of writing.

Writing to argue; an example question for your exams

Go back to these directions to understand how to approach the question.


Your argumentative writing toolkit, inclusively with various tasks and matrix charts.

I have combined all necessary information in this toolkit, please go back to revise various posts etc. Please also analyse the letter to the school and see what you can remember from class. You will be able to check your answers from the following answer post! No cheating!!


Letter Analysis: answers

After you have gone through analysing the letter from the toolkit, see how much more you were able to note and remember and of course concentrate on what you had missed in your analysis.


Formative Quiz: Google forms

An example of a quiz and how it works with a selfmarking app.