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BlockChain Online Training

BlockChain Online Training

Author: Subha Glory

Blockchain is an exciting new technology ,Glory IT Technologies Providing Blockchain Online Training and Support Services . This   Blockchain Online Course will provide an overview of the structure and mechanism of #Bitcoin, #Ethereum, #Hyperledger and #Multichain Blockchain platforms. This course helps learn technical skills to manage overall blockchain program and explore its options in new and innovative applications.

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Blockchain Online Training Course Content

Module 1: Blockchain

 Distributed Systems
 Distributed Ledger
 History of blockchain
 Introduction to Blockchain
 Types of Blockchain
 Benefits and Limitations of blockchain

Module 2: Decentralization

 Decentralization using blockchain
 Methods of Decentralization
 Decentralized Applications
 Platforms for Decentralization
 Centralization Vs Decentralization

Module 3: Cryptography

 Cryptography Basics
 Types of Cryptography
 Symmetric and Asymmetric types
 Public and Private keys

Module 4: Bitcoin

 Introduction to Bitcoin
 Transactions and life cycle
 Wallets and types
 Bitcoin payments

Modele 5: Consensus Methods

 Consensus in blockchain
 POW(Proof of work)
 POS(Proof of stake)
 Other types and examples

Module 6: Alternative coins

 Bitcoin limitations
 Other Coins

Module 7: Smart contracts

 History of Smart contracts
 Definition of Smart contracts
 Deploying Smart contracts on a blockchain

Module 8: Alternative Blockchains


Module 9: Blockcchain Outside of currencies

 IOT(Internet of Things)

Module 10:Development

 Blockchain as a service on Cloud
 Microsoft Azure
 IBM Blue Mix

Pre-Requisites for BlockChain Online Course

Developers with Object Oriented Language experience is required.
Should have a fundamental knowledge of Linux and Command Line.
Having a fundamental knowledge of Linux, NodeJS and JavaScript are beneficial.