Author: Beau Brence
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Introduction to Psychology

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Blogging: I know that this is a very popular choice for new technology trends that will enhance E-Learning in the future but it is because it is such a convenient and beneficial tool. Blogging is basically an online journal that enables you to share your views with others. This is great way to take class discussions to a whole new level. It gives students the freedom to really open their minds by having their own way of communicating what they know and are learning through what they write and how they write it. Many college professors have taken up blogging so that their students can follow them throughout the semester. It gives those students that are too quiet and shy in the classroom to speak up and give their opinion a way to really vent out their response to the lessons at hand. Some believe that the use of blogs makes it much harder on teachers from a grading standpoint, but I believe that if a teacher manages a blog correctly it can and will continue to pay huge dividends in the future. This is a technology trend that is here to stay.