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Blogging for Teachers - INTC Stockton

Blogging for Teachers - INTC Stockton

Author: Douglas Harvey

Pre-service and in-service teachers will demonstrate the integration of blogging with student learning experiences, as evidenced by the creation of a lesson plans and sharing of teacher artifacts that utilize blogging for the achievement of higher order outcomes.

This tutorial is designed for use with pre-service and in-service teachers taking courses with Dr. Douglas M. Harvey, Associate Professor of Instructional Technology at the Richard Stockton College in Galloway, New Jersey. It provides content to support exploration of how blogging tools and the learning strategies associated with them might be incorporated in K-12 educational settings.

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Why blogging?

Katelyn Fraser is a Grade 3/4 teacher in Melbourne, Australia. who finds blogging to be a powerful tool to improve student learning:

This is the blog for her elementary classroom:

Some other places for ideas of how teachers employ blogging:

Lastly just peruse the blogs that seem interesting to you from the 2013 Edublog awards.




Benefits of Educational Blogging

Grade Two teachers, Kathleen Morris and Kelly Jordan made this video with their students in 2KM and 2KJ to showcase the educational benefits of blogging.

Source: Benefits of Educational Blogging

The Power of Blogging and Quality Comments with Linda Yollis

Linda Yollis is one of the best educators Tanya and I have ever met! In this episode, she will talk about how important both blogging and commenting our for our students. She discusses how to teach and reinforce quality commenting skills, how she does it with her class - how she integrates it with her curriculum.

The Possibilities of Student Blogging

Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano and Andrea Hernandez share ideas about:

connecting to the world
blogging to improve quality writing
transforming the writing process
writing with a purpose
authentic feedback and conversation
global awareness and perspectives
communication skills
student engagement
creative expression
practice platform
digital citizenship

Your Turn

Now that you have some ideas about blogging, get a blog started on one of these sites:

Edublogs: Set one up by going to then go to - links here on how set up and work with blogs at this site dedicated for educators and their students

Blogger: to start on Google's popular blogging platform, then to learn more about it.

Kidblogs - - a very school friendly site for blogging.