Blood Flow Through the Heart

Blood Flow Through the Heart

Author: Aaron Mullally

To properly describe blood flow through the chambers of the heart while naming the correct anatomic structures along the way.

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Heart Valves Objectives

  • Describe the structural differences between the semilunar and atrioventricular (AV) valves
  • Identify the different locations of each individual valve
  • Describe the differences between systole and diastole
  • Describe the mechanics of how each type of valve opens and closes

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Basics of Heart Valve Mechanics

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Blood Flow through the Heart Objectives

  • Describe the importance of keeping the right and the left side of the heart separate from one another
  • Describe the atria as recieving and the ventricles as shipping
  • Describe the differences between the terms systole and diastole
  • Describe what happens when the ventricles are in systole and the atria are in diastole, and vice versa
  • Describe the process of blood flowing through the heart in a step by step fashion, while include the major anatomic parts of the internal heart starting with the right atrium

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Blood Flow through the Heart

Source: Mr. M