Blood Vessels/Vasos Singuíneos

Blood Vessels/Vasos Singuíneos


This lesson will classify the various types of blood vessels depending on their structure and function.

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Blood Vessels/Vasos Sanguíneos

En esta lección de hoy vamos a clasificar los diferentes tipos de vasos sanguíneos en función de su estructura y su función.

  • Blood Vessels

    Tubes that transport blood throughout the body.

  • Arteries

    Vessels of the largest diameter that carry blood away from the heart.

  • Arterioles

    Smaller vessels that branch from arteries that carry blood away from the heart.

  • Capillaries

    The smallest vessels that act as zones of diffusion between blood and tissues.

  • Venules

    Small vessels that merge with capillaries to carry blood back to the heart.

  • Veins

    Large diameter vessels that return blood back to the heart and contain valves to prevent backflow of blood.

  • Pulse

    The surge of pressure felt in an artery when ventricles of the heart contract.